How to Solve Hotmail Login Problems

It is difficult to image a day without checking the inbox of your email address. That is the reason why it may be quite bothering for you to face some problems with Hotmail login. There may be various causes of such problems, and this article will try to disclose as many of them as possible.

In order to enter your Hotmail account, you should enter the website of Hotmail first of all. Copy the link in the address line of your browser and make sure that you have successfully entered the website (you should have an opened window similar to the one shown in the screenshot). If you could not successfully enter Hotmail, try to find out whether the servers of Hotmail are up, at first. You can do it either by Googling the question or by trying to use other services of Microsoft as well as turning to the support of Microsoft. In case if you could not Google it, and neither use any other service of Microsoft, probably you have troubles with your internet. Otherwise, however, try to clean your browser’s cache and retry. If nothing of the above-mentioned helped, attempt to use another browser.

Hotmail Login

After having entered the website of Hotmail, attempt to enter your login and password

Yet, you can also face problems when entering your login and password. In such case, it could be either the loss of password or – if you are sure that you remember the password correctly – your account could be stolen. In any case, immediately contact Microsoft Support. Click on the “Forgot my password” button, located beneath the offer to create an account. There, you can select the problem you encountered and renew your password.

You also can regain the control over the account by entering the service with the help of your phone. Simply put, the service will send you a code which you will have to enter instead of the password. Nevertheless, it is possible only if your phone number is attached to your account. In order to sign in with the use of that code, click on the button below “Forgot my password.”

Problem with logging in

Here you should specify the reason why you are not able to log in

After all, sometimes it may happen that everything is alright, but you cannot enter the inbox of your email. This problem was faced by many users, and, naturally, there is a solution for it. First of all, make sure that the time and date is set correctly on your PC or laptop. Then, clean the cookies and cache in the Internet Explorer. Then, it should work correctly.

The above-mentioned Hotmail login problems are, however, the most common ones. If you need to solve a far more complicated problem, never hesitate to contact Microsoft Support.


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