How to Secure Yourself Against Hotmail Hackers

No matter how secure your email service is and how careful regarding the use of it you are, there is always a risk of being hacked. Moreover, there have been quite a few times when millions of email accounts were stolen from such providers of email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail. This article will give you an insight regarding the most popular hacking techniques, thus you will be able to avoid simple, yet critical mistakes.

Be careful even regarding the matter of whom you give your email address and where you enter it. There are two quite widely used hacking methods that Hotmail hackers use in order to get the control over the victim’s account. The first way is known as Url way, where Hotmail hackers use only username of the victim by inserting it into a special url. The other way is also known as an Html way, where hackers gain the control over the email account by using a username and proxy.

Hotmail Security

Phishing, which implies creating similar fake pages, still catches many people into its nets

Even more popular way of hacking – and not solely Hotmail account – is phishing, which means creating fake pages. Once a user has entered such a fake page and typed his/her username and password in, the data are immediately transferred to hackers. All the same, usually users notice that it is a fake page too late. So be attentive and do not get caught on this simple trick.

There is also a method known as social engineering. This technique implies that a hacker knows a victim well – let us suppose that the victim is a very good friend of the hacker. By questioning the victim, the hacker finds out about the most important happenings and events of the victim’s life. Then, he tries to guess the answer to the security question with the use of his logic. Thus, a hacker can get the control over one’s account even without using a password.

Security question

Hackers may use even friendly relationships for hacking

Brute attack is as old way of hacking as the internet, which means trying to guess the password by entering different combinations of characters. In such case, only one thing can be advised: do not enter your email address on suspicious websites.

After all, there is a hacking technique called keylogging. In such a case, Hotmail hackers take advantage of the opportunity of physical access to the keyboards of victims. With the help of a program or a hardware device, Hotmail hackers get the password once the victim has typed it in on his/her own!

These popular hacking techniques show that it is not that hard to hack one’s email account. However, you can significantly lower the chances of hacking by not entering your email address on suspicious websites, having the answer to the security question no one else knows, and being  careful about where you enter the password of your email account.

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