Adding an Icon of a Social Network to Your Hotmail Signature

There are various reasons why you may consider adding a hyperlink in the form of an icon to your Hotmail signature useful. In the first place, it may serve as a means of promotion of your social network profile (Twitter, Facebook, LinkenIn, etc.). It may also prompt the people to whom you talk to keep in touch with you via social networks. No matter why you have chosen to add such a signature, the below step-by-step guide will disclose that it is fairly simple to set up such a signature. Just follow the instructions provided below.

Twitter's Main Page

Hyperlink your profile of the social network in the Hotmail signature

  • Step 1. In order to add a hyperlink to your social network profile into the Hotmail signature, you will need to use one of the following pictures:

3.jpg 4.jpg



Save the picture you need to your PC by clicking with the right button of the mouse on it and selecting “Save as a picture.” However, you can also find and save any icon of the social media you wish to.

  • Step 2. After having saved the icons into your computer (keep in mind where you have saved them and under which name), go to your Outlook (i.e. Hotmail). In the given Home tab, click on the “New E-mail” button.
  • Step 3. In the window where you have to write a message, go to Signature > Signature, which you can find in the “Include” section.
  • Step 4. In the given Hotmail Signature window, go to the box of Edit signature and choose what you want to alter.
  • Step 5. In the given box, add another line below the existing signature.
  • Step 6. Click on the “Picture” button and select the picture you have previously saved on your PC.

Hotmail Signature

Popularize your social network profile with the help of your Hotmail signature

  • Step 7. Following it, give a click to the hyperlink button (Insert > Hyperlink).
  • Step 8. In the opened address box, you should copy the link to your social media profile. If you wish to add your Facebook profile to the signature, for Instance, it will be something like the following:
  • Step 9. Save the settings and enjoy your newly-created signature.

After it, you can be sure that every person who you are mailing with will see the hyperlink to your social media profile in the form of such an icon. Indeed, Hotmail signature stands in good stead in such case. So take advantage of it!

How to Solve Hotmail Sign In Issues

If you have faced issues with Hotmail Sign In, it is definitely a pity. However, it should not be very time-consuming for you to find out what happened and how to fix it. With the help of the recommendations provided below, you can easily solve your troubles connected with signing in to Hotmail.

The status of Microsoft's servers

Copy this link into the address line of your browser in order to check the server status

First of all, you should check whether the servers of Hotmail are working properly. In order to do that, go to and you will get to know whether the servers are up or down.

If the servers are working properly, then you may need to reset the password. Go to the main page of Hotmail, click on the “Forgot password?” button, and specify one of the offered reasons why you cannot enter (whether you know a password or not and so on). If you are sure that the problem is not with your login and password, then try to check the settings of your virus and firewall. After making sure that the programs work properly, attempt to repeat the procedure of Hotmail sign in.

The problem could also occur if your account is not verified with the help of the mobile phone. Microsoft has made a lot of efforts regarding the protection from spam, and your account could be temporarily blocked due to being considered as a spam email by the anti-spam system. If you have received a message that Microsoft blocked your account and disabled you to send messages, then you have to verify your account with your mobile number. In order to do that, you need to go to

Outlook logo

You must be able to enter your account after following all the provided instructions

If you keep receiving messages that your account is somewhy temporarily blocked, then you need to contact support of Microsoft. The company may ask you several questions about how you have used the account, whom you sent emails to, etc. If you cannot contact support with the existing account, create a new one and write to Microsoft support with the use of it.

Considering that you may not be able to log in due to the problems with your browser, attempt to upgrade your browser to the newest version. If you cannot log in to Hotmail even after the upgrade, choose another browser; after all, you have several high-quality browsers at your disposal: Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. After you have completed all the above-given recommendations, you should not face any other problem regarding signing in to Hotmail.

Using Android Apps for Hotmail

Android has become a leading mobile platform quite a while ago, and it should not surprise anyone that there are quite a large number of Android apps created especially for Hotmail. Indeed, many users install the first app they get to see in the Android market.

Other users, on the contrary, try to use every single app for a while in order to assess which one is better in the long run. In order to make it easier for you, this article uncovers most popular Android apps for Hotmail.

Microsoft Outlook App

This way looks the official Microsoft Outlook app

The first app one would get to see in the Android Market after typing in “Hotmail” in the search will be the official Microsoft Outlook Android application. Indeed, it will not provide you with any extraordinary features, yet your use of Hotmail can be fairly simplified with this app. Apart from having a convenient way to check your inbox, you can also set reminders to specific dates and mark other dates in the calendar. On the top of it, Microsoft has provided you with a possibility to upload presentations, Microsoft excel files, and other files from the Dropbox to your Hotmail account with the help of this app.

Connect for Hotmail is another application that was installed and tested by more than 5 million users. It provides you with a possibility to check your Hotmail inbox comfortably. In addition, you can set up a specific font of the letters you get to see (in order to make your reading much more convenient) and turn on notifications. Moreover, you can set up a specific interval between notifications. Thus, you will not be flooded with lots of notifications in the case if you receive many emails.

Correo Hotmail is another app for Outlook. Essentially, it gives you an opportunity to get a convenient inbox on your phone and create unified inboxes. Even though it appears to be quite functional and even sort of “cozy”, a noticeable number of users point out that there may appear annoying pop-up windows.

Email for Hotmail - Outlook

Despite being not popular yet, Email for Hotmail – Outlook appears to be quite functional

As for the conclusion, there is also Email for Hotmail – Outlook app, which has not been downloaded by many users yet. This unofficial Outlook app provides the users with a far better interface and a number of settings that allow you to make the use of the email more comfortable. In particular, one is able to choose when the “rest time” from notifications will work. This handful of Android Apps for Hotmail, indeed, does not display the entire variety of Hotmail applications created to assist the use of Outlook. Yet, these apps will come in handy for using your email account.