Microsoft Has Released a Fix of the Spam Problem

In the past several days, millions of users around the globe started to receive lots of spam messages on their Hotmail accounts. The web in various countries was hotted up by the fury of the enraged Hotmail users who could not normally utilize their email accounts neither for work nor for anything meaningful else.

In order to calm down the users, whose accounts were flooded with thousands of dull letters, and to get its mail service working correctly, Microsoft has come up with a special fix on 2nd June.

Microsoft's Spam Problem

The recent spam bug of Hotmail has caused a lot of headache among the Hotmail users

Supposedly, the problem occurred due to the bug in the system of spam filters, which led to the spam flooding of many users. Even though Microsoft has admitted that the problem is real and actual, it has released a fairly ambiguous statement by saying solely that “some users of Hotmail may receive lots of excessive spam letters.”

Shortly after the breakage of spam filters, Microsoft has released a fix with the aim to solve the issue. The company said that their team has provided immediate fixes in order to repair the impacted infrastructure of the service, and so the service should get working properly soon within a short while. In particular, the company disclosed some details by saying that they have implemented a two-leveled approach. Microsoft affirmed that, in the first place, they have put into action a fix which will relieve many Hotmail users from excessive spam. In order to secure the email service from such spam issues in the long run, however, the company has implemented a long-term fix aimed to protect the Hotmail servers from spam.

Microsoft Outlook Use

Microsoft claims that the problems with Hotmail’s excessive spam are over

Even though Microsoft claims that the problem has been fixed, some Hotmail users still complain about the spam problem. The company still has neither confirmed nor denied that some issues with excessive spam still persist.

It is unknown what could suddenly cause such a huge spam problem yet, especially considering the taciturnity of Microsoft. However, some IT experts point out that the problem could be caused by Microsoft’s decision to move all the servers of its email service to the cloud, called Office 365.

Yet, it is not the only issue that Hotmail users have experienced recently. Apart from the excessive spam problem, Hotmail service has seen a couple of outages during a few last months.



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