How to Fix Common Problems with Your Hotmail Account

Hotmail is not merely a highly popular email service among millions internet users. It can also boast (and this is partly the reason of its popularity) a number of unique features, such as themes (you can select a theme among more than 40 offered), spell checker (make sure that you have made mistakes in a hurry), audio player (the system can voice the mails), and integration with the other services of Microsoft.

However, there is a set of common problems you may face while attempting to enter your Hotmail account. The most common ways of solving them you will find below. You will find more powerful information about Hotmail accounts here:

Hotmail's Settings

Hotmail offers a huge variety of settings and features to its users

Once you have encountered a problem with your Hotmail account, attempt to enter the website with its secure login page: It may be ridiculous, but it solves the problem with entering the system in more than 20% of cases.

The other option may be cleansing your browser’s cache. In addition, make sure that the cookies are enabled in your browser, yet you should delete them. You may be not able to use Hotmail also due to the outdated version of Adobe Flash Player. If this were to prove true, just update it by entering to its official website ( and downloading the latest version. Then, attempt to re-login to your Hotmail account.

Do not forget about using F5 in case if you see a blank page after having entered the system. This page refresh may work quite well. As well as page refresh, an attempt to switch to another browser may work too. Do not neglect it. Moreover, pay attention to the extensions or plugins you have recently installed; the cause may lie there as well.

Make sure that you have the latest version of anti-virus and anti-spyware software (and that the software is naturally turned on). Also, check whether you have other security programs or firewall installed. In case of having it installed, make sure that you have the latest version of it. If it is already updated to the newest version, then try to reinstall it and attempt entering Hotmail again.

Hotmail Account

Get to use your Hotmail account again

After all, you may venture to reset privacy and security settings of your internet browser, thus returning them to the state of the default. If nothing of the above-mentioned helped, wait a while and then try to log in again (it happens that it is the problem not of the user, but Hotmail’s). Rebooting PC is also an option that does not take that much effort.

After completing all the above-mentioned machinations, you must be able to enter your Hotmail account again.

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