How to Contact the Hotmail Customer Service

Customer service is often seen as the means of a last resort, able to solve any (or at least the majority of the troubles) issue a user can encounter. So it should not surprise anyone that the Hotmail customer service is quite in demand by its users. Moreover, it should not come as a surprise as well that the Hotmail customer service is not as extensive or immediate as many users would wish for.

Hotmail Log in

Enter your Hotmail account (or create a new one) in order to contact the Hotmail customer service

Nevertheless, the customer service of Hotmail is oftentimes needed to solve the issues of stolen accounts or other important topics. Even though it may take quite a while to get an answer, never hesitate to contact support in the case of actual necessity (especially if your account has been stolen). The simple, step-by-step guide below will disclose how to contact the customer service of Hotmail and get a real result out of it. Just follow the instructions.

  • Step 1. In the first place, you have to enter the email service with your account. If you are unable to enter with the account regarding which you have a question, create a new one or use another account if you have any.
  • Step 2. On the right-upper part of the page, there is a menu consisting of several buttons (located right near the profile photo). You should click on the “Help” button, which is portrayed as a question mark and located precisely leftside from the profile photo.
  • Step 3. Once you have done a click on that button, you will see a pop-up menu opening up on the right side of your browser. Bellow a large list of options that offer you information on some aspects of using Hotmail, you will find the “Help” button written in small letters at the very bottom of the menu. Give it a click.
  • Hotmail's Support

Find the “Contact Support” button in the pop-up window

  • Step 4. You will see another window opening up in the browser. In this window, scroll down until you will see the “Contact Support” button.
  • Step 5. After having pressed the button, another page will be opened in your browser. On that page, you will be offered to describe the issue you have faced. Try to describe the issue as detailedly as possible – essentially the quality of the future answer depends on how many details you will provide.

After having created a ticket, the Hotmail customer service will answer you within several days onto your Hotmail account.

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