Most Common Problems When Signing Up for Hotmail

When you attempt signing up for Hotmail, one of the most popular email services of the world, you may face some obstacles that restrain you from using this service. Indeed, some users decide to go away from Microsoft immediately and turn to other services. However, this high-quality email service is worth several minutes of your attention, which you will spend while trying to solve the issue. This article discloses the most common problems that you may encounter during the Hotmail sign up process.


Outlook, despite its obvious drawbacks, is one of the world’s leading email services

In the first place, you may be unable to proceed further after filling the registration form in. It is a quite widespread mistake that many beginners encounter: you have to fill in every box. So, look through the form and fill in the boxes you have missed.

Another problem may occur when you will try and fail to enter the symbols from the Captcha picture. If you try to enter the code over and over without success, then rather attempt to use the audio version of the Captcha. Sometimes the symbols are quite illegible in Captchas, and voicing them may significantly simplify the job.

The problem with the code 450, which oftentimes occurs to people who attempt signing up for Hotmail, may make people think that they have done something wrong. However, typically it’s the fault of Microsoft, and you have to do all but wait 24 hours and make another attempt to sign up for the service. There is naturally nothing to fix, as it has been proved many times.

The Registration Form

Make sure that you have filled in each box

Other issues are too frequent and can be barely called “issues” at all, yet it is better to make sure you avoid these mistakes. First of all, pay attention to the username you choose at the beginning of the registration process. Indeed, it is not that easy to find a free username in the email services with hundreds of millions users, yet it is neither a difficult job. Yet if you will do something wrong with your username, be sure that Microsoft will let you know about it with red letters.

In addition to that, be always attentive regarding which password you are choosing. You have to always keep in mind that the password is case-sensitive, i.e. that you have to enter capital letters only as capital ones always and the opposite. If you will stick to the above-given recommendations, you will barely face any issue while signing up for your Hotmail account.

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