How to Add Documents to Your Hotmail Letters

It often happens that you need to send an email letter with an attachment of various documents, such as passports, powers of attorney, statements, etc. Even though it may seem a little bit problematic and time-consuming, it is quite far from being so. This article discloses how you can swiftly transfer your documents from the physical form to the scanned one and to attach them to your Hotmail letters. Simply follow the guide below.

Hotmail Inbox

Click on the “New” button in order to create a letter where you will attach the files

  • Step 1. In the first place, you have to place the documents you need to scan into a scanner. Make sure that you have placed the document correctly.
  • Step 2. Find the instructions you got along with your scanner and follow them in order to scan the document. Whereas some scanners require you to push only one button, other scanner may require you to go to “File”, “Acquire”, and “Import”/”Scanner.” Then, you may click on the “Preview” button in order to see how the document will look like and start scanning once you are satisfied with it.
  • Step 3. Once you are done with scanning the major document, repeat the same procedure with other documents you need to scan.
  • Step 4. Create a special folder for these scanned documents and save them into that folder. Keep in mind that you will send those files as attachments, so make sure that the names of the files are appropriate.
  • Step 5. Open the browser and go to the website of Hotmail. There, enter your email account.
  • Step 6. Create a new email letter by clicking on the “New” button (have a look at the screenshot). In that letter you will later attach your files.
  • Step 7. Specify the receivers of your letter and write a message you need. Then, give a click to the “Attach” button, located precisely above the letter.

Attachment in the letter

Click on the “Attach” button in order to attach the files you have just scanned

  • Step 8. Select the files you need to attach on your computer. After all, click on the “Send” button in order to send the Hotmail letters.

The procedure is as simple as that, and it should not take more than five minutes of your time. At the same time, you will get to use a convenient way of transferring document. So take advantage of it, yet be careful regarding the security matters of your Hotmail account.


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